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Our suite of monitoring tools, including New Relic, Monitis and Order Monitor (a KPI dashboard and monitoring system built by DO) alert us of issues as they happen so they can fixed fast. We monitor the full stack, including the servers and hardware, applications, and throughput of Magento.

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When we see an issue we react immediately, making the necessary changes to ensure your business is not impacted. Our management includes setting up and optimizing servers and applications, fixing bugs, and taking care of whatever else pops up along the way.

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As we monitor and manage your commerce sites and platforms, we notice get a deeper understanding of what is working and what needs to be improved. We proactively make suggestions and adjustments to improve the overall performance, reliability and scalability of your entire infrastructure.

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  • Monthly planning
  • Magento Management
  • Server and Site Monitoring
  • Bug Fixes
  • Performance Optimization
  • After Hours Support
  • Server Management
  • Platform Updates and Upgrades
  • New Feature Development