Technology and Strategy are synonymous here at DO. We have a seat at the table, helping you to determine the right solution for your business needs. We work with you to architect a system that will deliver sales at scale, integrates with your 3rd party systems and is ready to be enhanced as time goes on. Currently many of our projects involve the migration to Magento 2.

Custom Module Development

We have countless of hours of experience in custom Magento module design & development. From automotive to fashion to outdoors, our modules are tailored to the user’s needs and built for longevity. We’ve done product customizers, Year/Make/Model configurators, complex tax/shipping rules engines, digital downloadable products and more.

Better Shopping Experiences

We ensure that your branding is a core component of your new shopping experience. We will deliver a balanced experience between your brand story and our goal of selling more product. Our customers span emerging brands to mid-market companies to global enterprises. The common element across all of them is a desire to grow.